SonyEricsson Vivaz Pro, Now with qwerty keyboard

Sony Ericsson Vivaz is the first smartphone with 720p video recording features, but among others it was suffering from very poor on-screen keyboard that makes e-mail, messaging, and Internet browsing becomes boring. Hoping to fix it, SonyEricsson launched Vivaz Pro, with a physical keyboard. Just like Vivaz, this was thin and slim device. The fact is, Vivaz Pro Smaller than many high-end touchscreen smart phone, with a screen only 3.2 inches from corner to corner. However, at just 15mm thick, it is one of the thinnest slider phone we see. Also tapered ends help to make this phone feel slighter than it actually is.There are another nice design. Front buttons, which are incorporated into a silver strip along the bottom, which is reflected by a silver strip at the top of symmetrical, while the Sony Ericsson logo small enough to remain humble. Likewise, we like the way all of the features on the back line, keeping the phone from looking messy although a number of potential eyesores fair.

Unfortunately the design is not balanced with nice build quality. The main disappointment is the screen, which it uses resistive touch sensing technology, finished in a flexible plastic that scratches easily and looks a bit rough. Similarly, the keyboard is surrounded by a clear plastic wobbly and flexion of your fingers under as you type. One consequence of all this plastic is fairly light for fixed line 117g, but for an extra 20g or so we'd prefer to see the glass capacitive screen and keyboard is more solid round.

Another immediate concern is the position of the headphone socket, which is located next to the headphone jack means any angled without going to get caught in your pocket, and data transfer and microUSB charging connector, which is covered by a plastic cover. While we can appreciate the benefits of protecting the connector from the entry of dirt and knocks, the plastic cover is a sick right when you really want to connect the cables. Thus we prefer to lose both shut at all, like on the HTC Desire, or have a sliding door, like the Samsung Galaxy S.

On-board storage is limited to 75MB, but sitting under the backplate microSD slot, giving you the option to add up to 32GB of storage is more - you get the 8GB card in the box. Fortunately you do not need to remove the battery to add or remove a card.

Samsung S8000 Jet: Fast processor and Great Multimedia

Samsung boost their production houses to print new multimedia phones that ready to hit the market. After the success of several previous products, such as Omnia and Innov8, Samsung has released the S8000 Jet. This high-end multimedia phone is expected to maintain momentum in the global market to continue to explode.

Samsung is now being diligent to produce multimedia phones as several previous products. Okay, I'm not so concerned with numbers or business strategy. I just really care about the phones. Jet S8000 is said be one of Samsung's mainstay this year.

Using the full touchscreen concept , this device look minimalist, with a screen that meets the front of the device. Although looking calm, Jet looks flirty little blessing glossy color effect on the body surface. Interestingly, at the battery cover there is a holographic effect with stripes motif. Seen to be so cool, attractive. 
Jet has a fairly obvious navigation buttons below the screen. Pentagon shape, but if you look carefully, the navigation buttons are created as if it resembles a cube shape. then you know what the intent of this form of that navigation buttons. Besides the navigation button, there's another button on the right, and it's camera button.

this phone look minimalist, has all the multimedia features of the high-end class. you can see from the display, using 16 million color AMOLED technology with high resolution 480 x 800 pixels, Jet promises still look clear despite facing the sun. Jet screen uses resistive touchscreen technology.
Behind this screen, Jet presents the latest TouchWiz UI v2.0. Some new things in v2.0 TouchWiz UI is a virtual desktop feature that allows us to have three standby page (home) at once. 
To access the live three-page just drag your finger to the right or left. we can set each desktop appearance, eg added with widgets or wallpaper, differently for each page. Jet equipped with 5 megapixel camera, it's powerful enough, even for video recording, it can record images with D1 quality (720 x 480 pixel resolution).
With tons of features, Jet requires huge memory space and reliability processor. That's why Samsung provides 2 GB of internal memory for Jet, and we still can add a MicroSD memory card. While for the processor, Jet had a Qualcomm MSM6246 with 800Mhz clock speed. The presence of these processors will make the process work more quickly. Perhaps because it get a nickname Jet S8000, like a jet flying.. so fast.. 

Really a great phone, as long as I do the test for this device, i am addicted to touching the screen. TouchWiz UI version 2.0 can make real comfortable and the effects are pretty, very nice. Well, there's one think new in Jet's user interface, namely the 3D UI Media Gate. This is the secret I'd like to start from early in the design discussion. Yep, the cube-shaped navigation button apparently refers to the shape of this Gate Media 3D UI. 
Now, to access this UI we must press the button so long that one with the camera button. Once inside, we will present a 3D cube with each side showing six multimedia menu; albums (photos), music player, video player, FM radio, games and internet. The most fun, we can move this box with our fingers as they pleased, in whichever direction,  Cool. AMOLED screen is stunning, the display produce smooth and crisp color.
I addicted when using a Samsung Jet can not be separated from the role of the processor. This processor proved capable of running various applications and features quickly. Some applications are usually longer be opened, such as video players (especially fitting to playing videos), Internet browser, camera, GPS and 3D effects, Jet can run quickly, without any hang or lag symptoms.

SonyEricsson XPeria X8, cheap android phone

SonyEricsson Experia X8

Once more.., SonyEricsson equip X phone series with the new Experia X8.there are tons of entertaining feature inside this amazing phone. Experia X8 equiped with social network feature that called Timescape. This feature offered quick access to all of social network sites, also there's one button to launch entertainment content like FM radio, video streaming, or watching videos.

This xperia X8 also little bit focused to game lovers. so you can play Android-based games which available on the market. With this device, it's easy to watch clips on youtube, browsing webs, also downloading your favourite musics. This phone equiped with 3.5mm headphone jack and 3.2 mega pixel with video recording capability. You can directly upload your videos to facebook, completely with geotagging and capability of creating albums. Supported with GPRS, EDGE, 3G HSDPA, WLAN Wifi, bluetooth,  micro usb (v.2.0) makes this phone always connected, just choose what connection you want to use, it's all available on this device..

Physically, the design of the phone looks very sleek and elegant. slim design, wide TFT capacitive touchscreen, a row of compact button, fast processor (600 MHz),  an amazing sound produced from the good speaker and many more...

This android-based phone offered with lower price than another high end phone. this is because uses android operating system, that makes no need investment for using this operating system.