SonyEricsson Vivaz Pro, Now with qwerty keyboard

Sony Ericsson Vivaz is the first smartphone with 720p video recording features, but among others it was suffering from very poor on-screen keyboard that makes e-mail, messaging, and Internet browsing becomes boring. Hoping to fix it, SonyEricsson launched Vivaz Pro, with a physical keyboard. Just like Vivaz, this was thin and slim device. The fact is, Vivaz Pro Smaller than many high-end touchscreen smart phone, with a screen only 3.2 inches from corner to corner. However, at just 15mm thick, it is one of the thinnest slider phone we see. Also tapered ends help to make this phone feel slighter than it actually is.There are another nice design. Front buttons, which are incorporated into a silver strip along the bottom, which is reflected by a silver strip at the top of symmetrical, while the Sony Ericsson logo small enough to remain humble. Likewise, we like the way all of the features on the back line, keeping the phone from looking messy although a number of potential eyesores fair.

Unfortunately the design is not balanced with nice build quality. The main disappointment is the screen, which it uses resistive touch sensing technology, finished in a flexible plastic that scratches easily and looks a bit rough. Similarly, the keyboard is surrounded by a clear plastic wobbly and flexion of your fingers under as you type. One consequence of all this plastic is fairly light for fixed line 117g, but for an extra 20g or so we'd prefer to see the glass capacitive screen and keyboard is more solid round.

Another immediate concern is the position of the headphone socket, which is located next to the headphone jack means any angled without going to get caught in your pocket, and data transfer and microUSB charging connector, which is covered by a plastic cover. While we can appreciate the benefits of protecting the connector from the entry of dirt and knocks, the plastic cover is a sick right when you really want to connect the cables. Thus we prefer to lose both shut at all, like on the HTC Desire, or have a sliding door, like the Samsung Galaxy S.

On-board storage is limited to 75MB, but sitting under the backplate microSD slot, giving you the option to add up to 32GB of storage is more - you get the 8GB card in the box. Fortunately you do not need to remove the battery to add or remove a card.