Simple ways to save Power of BlackBerry Batteries

Everyone knows that the Blackberry device is a smartphone that gives easy to update e-mail or social networking activities.

But this causes the battery to be more exhausted Blackberry (ngedrop) compared with other phones. But we can menyisiati ngedrop battery by doing simple things like the following:

1. Select a service that has a stable network
2. Choose a standard charger into an outlet
3. Recharge the battery as often as possible.
4. Reduce the volume.
5. It is recommended to use headphones.
6. Use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager when transferring media
7. Frugality in Screen display brightness and timeout
8. Customize your profile economically.
9. Visit the mobile site and avoid opening the full web site.
10. While browsing, setting the Repeat Animations to the lowest parameters.
11. Close the browser application with the ESC or option-close.
12. Set audible roll into mute.
13. Turn off key tone
14. Turn off unused connections.
15. If necessary, use the original BlackBerry holster (holster)
16. As much as possible to use signals instead of 3G to 2G network connection
17. Use the simple themes without animation.
18. Remove application and themes that are rarely used (saves memory)
19. Select the shortcut menu activation compared to Java
20. Turn off camera flash
21. Adjust Color Effects and Picture Quality to Normal mode

Not having practiced all, just use as needed. Hopefully useful.