BlackBerry Bridge Released, Toward Playbook Launching

By the release of the Blackberry Playbook there is something lacking in this device is the Messaging and Calendar Native Client that is still not repaired by the RIM ahead of the inaugural launch.

Now with the release of BlackBerry applications Bridge, the BlackBerry device user can browse the Internet site and is now also possible to access the company intranet site if we are in a BES network and can also be used to access files on memory card.

BlackBerry Bridge will connect the BlackBerry handsets with Playbook, so we will easily be able to use Blackberry Messenger, the BlackBerry Email and BlackBerry Calendar of Playbook.

If we use our smartphones BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Intranet browsing enabled by IT administrator, then we can also access our intranet. BlackBerry Application Bridge touted as the best applications available on BlackBerry PlayBook devices.