The concept phone, Nokia Stealth and Dragonfly

A good device is not must to be expensive. This is to convey the Nokia Dragonfly and Stealth, a concept phone designed by Reginald Hingston Shola inspired by animals dragonflies and stealth fighter.

In his blog, the Finnish vendor said that the phones 'dragonfly' has a sharp groove design and berestetika, although diusungnya design is quite simple with the concept of stem cell phone. While Nokia Stealth said as a mobile phone that has "ergonomic keypad, easy to navigate by a touch.". The texture of the rubber surface absorbs light, "while" color matte pearlescent "give effect to dark red.

To the two mentioned cell phone is equipped with large screen, camera, numeric keypad, navigation mechanisms are qualified, and design a unique course. No mention, what operating system will be embedded in the device, including the possibility of Windows 7 Phone already anticipated a lot of people. There is no certainty this phone will be further developed by Nokia and is marketed to the user.