Google Cloud Printing applications and Sweet Blaq for BlackBerry Playbook

Google has presented a solution service Cloud Printing for BlackBerry Playbook tablet device. With this feature we can print a document or e-mail attachments from GMail using the printer at home.

In addition, there were also a powerful Twitter client application called Sweet Blaq for use on a Playbook tablet device. Applications Sweet Blaq have the following features:

* Beautiful, intuitive user interface, REAL-TIME userstream support
* Native support or editable retweet
* View your lists That you've curated from
* In-app notifications
* Nickname auto-completion
* Full user profile view
* Web and image previews Within Blaq
* In-app support for all 211 services (YouTube, Tumblr, Posterous, SoundCloud, etc.) - Full list here:
* URL shortening with the custom Shortener
* Photo posts

You can download this Blaq Sweet application through the BlackBerry App World page with the price just $ 1.99.