Microsoft Office Suite Coming To Playbook

Rumors that Microsoft Office Suite applications will be present for the device BlackBerry PlayBook has spread across the internet.

We know that the Playbook is the only tablet device loaded with the free office suite (Docs Togo). But we are not sure, whether the presence of Microsoft Office Suite applications for BlackBerry PlayBook device will be available as a full application or just Microsoft Office 365 applications that are accessed online.

The question is, how it would be advantageous for the rim. We know, RIM integrates with Microsoft Exchange, and it might make sense if what is being done as RIM's email solution for BlackBerry PlayBook. But it will not be an exclusive feature on the BlackBerry email. Because Microsoft has clearly stated that the features of the Playbook is not the same as the features of Windows Phone.

One thing that we need to consider is, Microsoft will make rival applications; in Adobe Flash, WebWorks original or native SDK. On the other hand, RIM announced a partnership with Microsoft is quite rigorous in the BlackBerry World by presenting their software and integrate the Bing search engine to their device.