Want to buy a BlackBerry? Think again!

This article was taken from the writings of Roger Cheng, a columnist on the site Cnet.com. He gave enlightenment to you before you decide to buy a new BlackBerry smartphone. 

In America, AT & T has committed to sell three BlackBerrys, including the latest generation BlackBerry Torch, toucshscreen version of the Bold, and a touchscreen-only called Torch 9860. Sprint Nextel also said it will market the Bold and a variant of the all-touchscreen BlackBerry called the Torch 9850. 

Before choosing one, there are some serious shortcomings in the BlackBerry that you should know. There are mainly on the features of business support and technology. That's what you should consider before buying one of the new BlackBerry phones yesterday's release. 

Judging from the operating system (OS), the BlackBerry is not supported by the applications feasible. Cheng estimates that a new phone from RIM that will necessarily 'dead after it was released'. 

If you want the changes are more sophisticated than the phone you use today, then your company should not force you to buy a BlackBerry. Should you switch to an iPhone or an Android phone. It sounds very harsh, but if you decide to leave the BlackBerry then you will not be the only person who membaut decision. 

According to a survey conducted by NPD Connected Intelligence, a third of the respondents were asked about smartphones what they want to have; they say Android or iPhone. Only About a 8% who still want a BlackBerry. 

All the latest BlackBerry smartphone is run by the BlackBerry OS 7. This latest OS is in fact only a minor update of the OS 6, in the original release last year's Torch yagn. Known as OS 6.1 but was later changed to OS 7 as RIM claims there are major updates that they provide. The cynical take that as a lie and merely a part of RIM's effort to attract public attention and sell more BlackBerry smartphones. 

Regardless whether the OS 6 to OS 7 is a major update or not, all phones will not last long. RIM said that they were preparing for the shift to a more advanced OS called QNX (as used in Playbook). And it will happen next year. OS has been reviewed a number of experts say is stable and smooth enough to use on that RIM's first tablet. 

If you decide to buy a BlackBerry now, then you at least stay the BlackBerry age 6 months - 1 year. The same was experienced by Nokia because they are also preparing the turn of the main OS from Symbian to Windows Phone. To overcome the dilemma that now Nokia put Symbian as mass-market smartphones. 

Apart from what is disclosed Cheng above, there are other issues that also need your attention. The problem exists on the application. iPhone and Android phones can do more than just call and internet browsing. And it is that has not been repaired RIM BlackBerry smartphones in them. BlackBerry offers only a small number compared to the existing applications in the IOS and Android. 

Last month, RIM announced the App World reached 1 billion downloads of applications. It is an important milestone for RIM, but still lags behind its competitors. Apple earlier this month has passed 15 billion downloads, while Google in May, has reached more than 4.5 billion downloaded applications via the Android Market. 
But keep in mind that RIM has also discussed the hardware problem that has long existed. RIM will provide a way out through the improvement of speed in processing applications. This was promised by officials such as RIM had said to the original Torch. 

Meanwhile William Stofega, an analys of IDC, said that improvements in the design of the BlackBerry Bold Touch will be enough to keep fans of the BlackBerry does not run to another phone. Bold Storm deems sufficient to fill the vacancy portfolio that does not exist on the Storm. 

BlackBerry continues to be a good platform IF you need just email access and security systems are qualified. But if you're looking for is more than just access to email and web browsing, the BlackBerry is not the right answer for your needs.