Nokia 703, First Nokia Phone with WindowsPhone 7 OS

Nokia will release phones with WindowsPhone 7 OS at the end of this year. One of the phones with the OS WindowsPhone 7 is the Nokia 703 (which leaked on the internet, featuring pictures and little information about its specifications).

Just little information that we've found, such as "480 × 800 pixels LCD 3.7 inch" on the side labeled "DISPLAY". And that looks a lot like "5MP" and "@ 720p 30fps" next to the camera. 8 GB of internal storage and 512MB RAM memory.

It should be noted that the Nokia phone with the first WindowsPhone 7 OS is not made ​​in Nokia's factories, and the phone is not using WindowsPhone 7 OS that has been modified by Nokia. The next cell phone then will use the OS that has been modified by Nokia (WindowsPhone Tango).

Nokia 703 with WindowsPhone 7 OS