iPhone 5 in the trial production

China Times released a report today that Apple has been doing production testing onthe iPhone 5. iPhone5 expected to be launched in the third quarter or about July or August.

As we've reported, that the iPhone 5 will be supported with NFC features that can be used as a wireless payment system so it can be used as a replacement credit card tomake payments at the cashier.

Some other changes to the Apple iPhone 5 also has been discussed in previousarticles. iPhone5 rumored to be using a larger screen than the iPhone screen 4. IPhonescreen 5 will be converted into the 4 "so it can compete with the Android-smartphonesmartphones typically use the screen 4" to 4.3 ". And the changes that might be done isthe use of metal chassis which reportedly will increase the sensitivity of the iPhoneantenna 5.

- Release date around June or July

- New better antenna design
- Apple's AirPlay technology to share content between different screens
- Apple's new A5 dual-core processor (based on Cortex A9 design)
- New SGX543MP2 dual-core graphics chip (offers about four times the processing power at the same clock speed as compared to the current SGX535 chip)
- New graphics supports OpenCL (used to offload general purpose computing tasks to the GPU)
- New Qualcomm mobile chipset (supports three networks: CDMA, GSM and UMTS)
- Available on both AT&T and Verizon networks
- Likely to see a bump up in memory
- Even more storage
- Small increase in screen size (3.7-inch instead of 3.5)
- Upgraded 8-megapixel 1080p video recording cameras (to compliment the newly upgraded graphics processor)
- Possibly 4G capable
- HDMI-out (to TV)
- Near-Field Communication(NFC) technology would turn iPhone into a proximity credit card - just wave it over a terminal
- Ability to watch live over-the-air digital TV
- An integrated pico projector (for sharing small screen with others)
- Conceivably increased battery life