IPhone 5 and IOS 5 Introduced on June 6, 2011?

Apple expected to introduce a new OS to the public in the event the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2011, from 6 until June 10, 2011 at Moscone West, San Francisco.

Reportedly if IOS 5, which is part of the iPhone 5, later going to focus specifically on the Cloud Computing service. IOS rumored also utilize music locker service from Apple, such as media streams as well as my friends discoveries Find feature of IOS 4.3 beta. 

The analysts are very confident about this occurrence, considering that since the iPhone 3G to iPhone 4, Apple introduced it at every WWDC event held each year. 

In 2008, for example, at the opening of WWDC, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 3G. While on the first day of WWDC in 2009, Apple introduced the iPhone 3G. Then in 2010, at the same event, Apple announced the availability of the iPhone 4. Just wait for more details before WWDC 2011.