No BBM feature on BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry Playbook will be officially launched in the near future. Fans of the device made by Research in Motion (RIM) may be hoping the tablet made by a Canadian company that features other than the tablets in general. 

One of the security features that became the main attraction is a service BlackBerry phones BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). According to the news circulated, RIM in BlackBerry security features which seem to be deliberately removed. 

However, RIM will not completely eliminate the most popular instant messaging service is in the Playbook. Because Playbook users can still connect with the BlackBerry Bridge. 

BBM Services that can be 'sent' to the tablet Playbook provided that connect with your BlackBerry phone via BlackBerry Bridge. So, at least you can enjoy these features on a larger screen. BlackBerry Bridge is a bridge feature Playbook function with a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth. 

This feature will bridge the function Playbook with a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth. So that BBM can walk as long as users have a BlackBerry device earlier.