Does BB App World is now ready to be released?

For BlackBerry users might wonder why the App World can not be used? App World is now finally cleared by the RIM.

The latest version of the BlackBerry App World is now ready for download on your BlackBerry. If you have not received OrTA-Notice, you can try to refresh the App World is your old version and the possibility of OTA notice will appear immediately. If not, you have to be patient might notice you're on the way from the dense traffic.

App World is currently in tight competition with the Windows Market to compete for third and fourth position among online App Stores. Latest figures from the number of applications on the App World is 20,000 applications and for Windows Market is the 9000 application. Apple App Store is still leading with 350 000 applications by rivals of the Android Market is in second place with a total 250,000 applications.

RIM has not been told what changes will happen at the World App version