RIM, Want to Restore Reputation Through Playbook

RIM seems to feel that they want to return to restore their reputation in the eyes of the people despite the fact the reputation of RIM's fine. But the existence of another tablet to make RIM devices seem less confident. 

Mike Lazaridis as Co-CEO of RIM, said: "Why do not people appreciate our profit? Why do not people appreciate our growth? Why do not people appreciate the fact that we spend four years to become global? Why do not people appreciate that we have 500 carriers in 170 countries with products available in nearly 30 languages? " 

And with the facts that exist, RIM is quite impressive, and in the last fiscal year, RIM has reached 42.3 million mobile phones shipping this is a poeningkatan by 43 percent from tahuns ebelumnya and on income earned in the fourth quarter had a profit of $ 924 million.

But it's not just Laziridis that seems less sure when it comes to overcoming this problem. Jim Balsillie, co-chief of another at RIM said that no other companies that have actually been successful as Apple in making the transition by presenting a tablet or mobile computing devices. "I highly doubt that technology companies such as HTC, Motorola and Samsung will die with a few tablets Android" 

Balsillie also admitted that if the Playbook was released slightly faster, the general perception of the company will become a little more positive. And Playbook seems to be a success and therefore have little confidence RIM.