Adobe Flash Player 3.10 For Android released

Latest update Flash Player for Android has been available, which is version 10.3. Upgrade is done to overcome the problems that exist in previous versions, including security updates and some optimization. 

Adobe Flash Player 3.10 supports Android-based devices (ver 2.2, 2.3, and 3.0.1). This upgrade does not show much change, but fix some bugs and optimize security. Announcement of the Android-3.1 Honeycomb by Google a few days ago, may be associated with the 3.10 update Flash. 

Here are a number of fixes and security enhancements in Flash 3.10: 
- Activate the NEON Optimizations for devices with OMAP4 (Cortex A-9) 
- Fix the problem on Samsung Galaxy S where H.264 video with a resolution of 720p / under it can not be displayed. 
- Android Apps that uses a browser plug-ins such as Flash Player in WebView no longer need to be set for Android: hardwareAcceleration to True in AndroidMainfest.xml to get the plug-in output was rendered. This problem appears only in the Android 3.0 +. 
- Fix crash in HTC EVO when playing a particular video. 
- Fix the problem that caused the cessation of rendering video frames on long streaming videos (which lasted more than 1 hour), this happened a few Motorola smartpones. 
- Fixes for driver bug in Samsung Galaxy Tab Hardware Video Decoding. 
- When playing some H.264 video continuously at Nexus One, only the first video using a hardware decoder. 
- The problem with some versions of firmware on HTC Desire and HTC Desire HD video playback that could cause hangs when changing to Full-Screen mode and Embedded. 
- Firmware updates for the CDMA version of Samsung Galaxy Tabs which causes RTMP video playback is broken. 
- When video playback resumes from sleep mode, frames in the video buffer is 
render too quickly until the video reaches the audio stream. (2856597) 
- Due to the limitations of power management APIs in Android, video streaming will continue to play the audio when the device is in sleep mode.