Issue : 3D Display at iPad3

Two months ago iPad2 released to the market, but rumors about the presence iPad3 also often discussed in cyberspace. Latest news mentioning if the third generation of Apple tablet that will carry the 3D technology.

As reported by RCR Wireless and reported by PCMag, that the film studios in Hollywood have been invited to work together with Apple, to make mobile 3D applications.

What makes this rumor worthy follow is related to Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers, Foxconn, who had leaked the plan of the Apple display 3D technology for third generation tablet. We know, Nintendo also has three-dimensional display technology via 3DS.

The issue ofconcerning presence of apple will iPad3 been much discussed since last February ,when Apple had not even officially launched iPad2 . Other sources mention that iPad3 will be released in early autumn. However, DigiTimes has denied the rumors. According to him, Apple is still planning to make iPad3. Moreover, the company was considering a decrease in profit on iPad sales for three months, from U.S. $ 7.33 million to U.S. $ 4.69 million.

Although iPad3 not released this year, many rumors are popping up on Apple's superior design of the tablet. iPad3 expected to be equipped with screens Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode AMOLED high resolution and lighter.