File-Commander Application for BlackBerry Playbook

File Commander is a file manager for BlackBerry PlayBook devices, the interesting part of this application is, the application is available free of charge to the owners of the Playbook. 

File Commander application is quite useful and has all that is needed to access the existing files in your BlackBerry. The application is very easy to use, users may be able to tap to open a file or withhold relevant files to be opened. 

The application has the following features: 
* Copy Files 
* Moves Files 
* Rename Files 
* Look at info 
* Delete 
* Tap to open 
* Tap and hold to Edit 
* Access to a wide ranger of folders 
* Supported extensions 
* Windows like file management experience 
* Easy to use 
* Extension support for most common files 
* Swipe from to to bring up menu bar