BlackBerry Playbook Already Released, But Still Interested Slightly

BlackBerry Playbook, Tablet PC, made ​​by RIM already made ​​its debut on the market. Since Tuesday is already available in electronic retail stores Best Buy United States and Canada.

Products that use QNX OS is sold to the public in three variants with prices for basic 16GB model for $ 500. Two other models of 32 GB and 64GB versions, each selling for $ 600 and $ 700 at Best Buy's site.

However, unlike its competitors, iPad 2, which was greeted with long lines of customers last month in one of the main shopping centers in the city of Toronto. In the same place where the BlackBerry Playbook sold, reportedly sold no more than 5 units at each booth on the day of its release it.

Related 'quiet' of tablet PC enthusiasts, some reviewers even said that the Playbook seems to have thrown into the market in a state not ready.

BlackBerry Playbook in recent times get less good reviews, although using a dual-core processors and systems up to date but is not currently available for quite a lot of applications that can run on this tablet. Also Playbook still depends on the BlackBerry smartphone to connect to the Internet via tethering.