Early Bird, Email Application for BlackBerry Playbook

As previously announced that the BlackBerry Playbook does not support email service built directly on the device, making many analysts and prospective buyers of this gadget to be disappointed.

Now there is an application called Early Bird made by Pepper.pk. This application as the first email application designed specifically for use QNX OS BlackBerry Playbook. 

Early Birds run locally on the tablet and the user can save, read, and respond to emails even when there is no internet connection though. The application also supports POP and SMTP protocols that allow users to have access to the popular email clients like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange via POP and the ISP email account which has been widely provided. 

Unfortunately this application is not necessarily provided free of charge even though up to now still unknown at what price. Early Bird schedule application will be thrown in the market is not yet known.