Google Maps 5.3 For Android, there are Check In features

Google presents the latest version of Google Maps for Android, which is version 5.3. In this latest update, Google added some new features, such as services and features Location History Check In.

With this new application Android handset users can see how far the journey that has taken including the estimated time has been spent at home, at work, or outside.

Android handset users now also can see how much time is spent at home, at work, or outside. Users simply make a check-in to the desired place and Latitude will remember it. Users can also share their locations either at check-in outside the home or when in the house. If someone had done the check-in at home, the "Home" will appear in the list when users at one time near home.

Another new feature is related toto the reviews engine Google . Through this service Google will let you add your own "aspects" of a business for example, if you have found a restaurant with good live music, you can add that aspect to that place.

Google Maps 5.3 is available in the Android Market for Android devices running 1.6 or newer.