Latest iPhone5 Photos Appear on Internet

An editor of tech site Engadget, Joshua Topolsky, displaying pictures prototype iPhone5. When you see these images, five rumored iPhone will have a display similar to the iPod Touch and iPad 2.

Apple expected to launch a fifth-generation iPhone at the end of the year. Basically, Apple is only going to upgrade to a number of specifications. In the picture the 'Home' will be larger two-fold, which is likely to be added gesture area. This gesture will likely be coming soon as the presence of the new version of IOS.

Rumors previously mentioned that the screen would iPhone5 larger, as if true if we look at this latest picture, which will be expanded to 3.7 inches, where the phone's display will cover all or nearly all the front surface of the phone. While the sharpness of the pixels will change from 326 to 321ppi.