Survey: Android Users Hate the iPhone

Competitive world of technology was not much different from competitive sports, it's no secret that Android now have a pretty rabid fan base, like the Apple mobile OS, IOS.

Business-Insider made a survey among more than 2,000 respondents constituting the majority Android users, 55.7% of them stated that Android users will not even consider buying Apple, the reason is simple because they hate Apple. Only 31.2% of Android users who said it would buy the iPhone, but if the iPhone could run better with the application and non-iPhone products.

Here are the results of a survey conducted Business Insider:

Most of the respondents are users of Android (51.4 percent), followed by the iPhone (33 percent), BlackBerry (8.3 percent), Windows Phone 7 (3.1 percent), Palm (1.6 percent) and other woods (2 , 6 per cent).

As many as 85 percent of respondents said they planned to buy a new smartphone in the next two years, where 92 percent wanted to buy the latest and most expensive product. Meanwhile, another 8 percent claim to want to buy the older model mobile phone which is cheaper.

The majority of respondents (54.4 percent) are interested in buying a mobile phone based on Android and the iPhone (33.6 percent) than the BlackBerry (3 percent), WP7 (3.7 percent) or other platforms.

Most iPhone users claim to not want to replace the phone with Android or BlackBerry when they upgrade their phones (59.3 percent), except if the two platforms that offer many advantages that are not owned an iPhone.

Platform (38.2 percent) and features (33.1 percent) is still the primary consideration of consumers in buying a smartphone. Other considerations include choice of applications (8.1 percent), easy data migration (3.9 percent), prices (3 percent) and service offering (7.2 percent).