Photos and specifications of the BlackBerry Torch 2

Besides the appearance of images BlackBerry Orlando, RIM is also reportedly is preparing BlackBerry Torch 2. This handset has a touch screen and QWERTY keyboard that can be issued with a slider mechanism.

Blackberry Torch 2's that is almost identical to the previous form but there is a large jump from hardware side. 640x480px screen, 1.2GHz processor, and OS version 6.1. Also have some new hidden features already known, such as a built-in compass. Latest version of RIM's OS is also known to have additional hotspots and 3G graphics acceleration hardware to allow 3D games to be played first time on BlackBerry devices.

Most of the other features previously mentioned, such as 3G network support 14.4Mbps and support NFC (Near Field Communication). Some sections will remain normal, such as five-megapixel camera and 8GB-in flash, although the camera is now capable of recording 720p video.

BlackBerry Torch 2 scheduled to be officially announced at the BlackBerry World event in May. While the release scheduled for July 2011 in the United States. No information about the price of this handset when it is launched later.