E7 Nokia Communicator - price: $ 600

After four years of waiting, finally coming back Communicator Community latest Nokia Communicator series, the E7 is referred to as 'The New Stylist Communicator'.

Successor clan communicator is expected to be as successful as their predecessors who had triumphed in the market country. Symbian OS-based phones are sold at a price quite expensive, ie $600. Although expensive, the Nokia seems optimistic that this phone is sold in the country.

Phones that have a sliding keyboard looks quite interesting with a bandage on the stainless steel cover. He has 8 megapixel resolution camera that staying digadang qualified enough to capture precious moments, ^ 3 for the Symbian operating system, easy access to personal email or office, create / edit document's PDF file, denganVPN internet access, camera 8 Megapixels, HDMI connectivity, memory 16 Gb flash on board, and USB On The Go, let's view applications inside, this handset has several applications pre-installed with productivity functions such as: Vligo, F-Secure, Quick Office and World Traveler. He also also comes pre-installed business applications such as: Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Joiku Spot.

As part of the latest E-series family, of course Folders feature is already contained in it. And like the other phones based on Symbian ^3 OS, Nokia E7 is also equipped with three homescreen.