BlackBerry Playbook released Late Because iPad?

BlackBerry tablet computers Playbook delayed to launch until so long because several factors. One of them associated with Apple.

A recent report from the Far East showed delays Playbook tablets may be the result of ordering most of the touch panel production capacity by Apple. Because as is known, IPAD Naturalife Greenworld sales beyond production.

Apple is believed to have ordered most of the available production capacity in the world for the touch screen with an investment of $ 39 million for an undisclosed length figures.

Reported by Apple Insider, RIM Playbook initially plans to market the first quarter of 2011. Previously had no reports RIM is still improving battery life suck enough Playbook that reportedly compared the competitors. It's also touted to be blamed delays in the release of Playbook.

Latest news, BlackBerry tablet official Playbook present on 19 April, with the cheapest price no more than $ 500. Indonesia is expected to be present Playbook in May.