Nokia W7 and W8, the first Nokia with Windows 7 phone based

Russian mobile analyst, Eldar Murtazin recently acquired two prototype handsets based on Windows 7 Phone Nokia is the Nokia W7 and W8.

This is an old product with new platforms, namely W7 X7 temporary use of bases comes from the Nokia N8 W8. According to Eldar, W7 model is currently used for development purposes is likely to be Nokia's first smartphone-WP7 are present in the market. This smartphone will be equipped with 8 MP camera autofocus and flash. According to Eldar again, W7 claimed to resemble the HTC Mozart without customizing the operating system.

Nokia W8 uses the same high specification as the Nokia N8 an 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. In accordance with the requirements announced by Microsoft, both the Nokia smartphone platforms WP7 embedded chipsets made ​​by Qualcomm. Further said that Nokia has prepared 12 smartphones WP 7 which will be launched in 2012.